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Internally, those same carbon-fiber structures also saw improvements in their designs as each went through to optimize aerodynamics, rigidity, and weight distribution. The same goes for the Superleggera V4's engine, which hit the gym and saw extensive use of titanium, magnesium, and aluminum throughout its revised geometry. Ducati will also throw in a track-only Akrapovic exhaust for more thunder.

The Bologna DietTM means that not only does the motorcycle now weigh 35-pounds less than its V4 R counterpart, coming in at a lithe 335-pounds, but because the motor has also been lifting weights, the Superleggera V4 produces a butt-clenching 234 horsepower---good god. Few machines on Earth will likely feel as quick as the Superleggera V4; case in point, lightning.

Ducati's engineers also fiddled with the Superleggera V4's suspension because nothing on this motorcycle wasn't touched. The Öhlins-sourced parts are now lighter, with machined aluminum fork bottoms, titanium shock absorber springs, and Ducati's SBK-derived race valves. Halting the motorcycle's momentum are Brembo's MCS calipers, the best Brembo builds, which are exclusive to the Superleggera V4.

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