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All the Protection You Could Need

The motorcycle rental company Twisted Road announced two significant changes recently to its insurance policy for both riders and motorcycle owners renting their motorcycle. Owners will now receive $1 million in liability coverage free of charge. Riders will now be able to receive up to $1 million in coverage as well.

"The most important thing is making sure that our community is safe," said Austin Rothbard, founder and CEO of Twisted Road. "We are offering the most comprehensive motorcycle damage and liability insurance coverage in the industry, and for the best price."

Insurance packages for riders start at $35 for up to $25,000. For an additional $10, riders can upgrade to the $1 million in coverage. This increase in coverage should cover just about anything a renter could do with a bike, which is the goal for Twisted Road.

"We are proud to lead the industry in innovation. As motorcycle insurance is a critical piece of the experience for all Twisted Road members, we invest our time, effort and energy in making sure that we are best-in-class."

The $1 million in coverage should provide plenty of peace of mind for both renters and owners, and it's cool to see Twisted Road expanding its insurance offerings.

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